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Canada's Most Admired ™

Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures™
Celebrating culture as a competitive advantage
Founded by Waterstone Human Capital, this national program, for which we are ambassadors in Quebec, annually recognizes Canadian organizations, leaders in their category, whose corporate culture is a competitive advantage, a performance driver and an accelerator for growth.
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Nominate your business now!

Whether this is your first time participating in this program or not, in addition to the recognition and award, we believe deeply in the process beyond the result.


By taking part in this submission, you are sure to learn more about your own corporate culture, what defines and differentiates you as an organization, and how to properly measure your business.

Once you are registered, you will be required to write a detailed nomination on the program platform by answering 6 pre-determined questions (maximum 500 words per answer). Ten winners per category will be recognized annually.

Here are the
5 categories :


  1. Emerging
    (revenues more than $5M and less than $25M, and more than 25 employees

  2. Growth
    (rrevenues more than $25M and less than $100M)


  3. Mid-market
    (revenues of more than $100M and less than $500M)


  4. Enterprise
    (revenues of $500M or more)


  5. Broader public sector
    (NPO, government, associations, Crown corporations)

About the program

There is no cost to participate in the nomination or submission process for Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ program. With the exception of the "broader public sector" category where there are no conditions for nomination, the program is open to all organizations with revenues of $5 million or more and more than 25 employees with a head office or business unit in Canada.

Once the nomination is completed, organizations are invited to provide a detailed submission that speaks to their corporate culture. The program's organizing team then accompanies all nominated companies through each stage of the awards process:

Deux personnes qui regardent un téléphone chez Métivier Groupe Conseil

Get nominated or


Des gens qui votent à la main

Board of Directors vote


Mains qui tappent au clavier chez Métivier Groupe Conseil

Completing written submission


Les trophées des gagnants Waterstone

Winners Announcement


Two women at standing desk working



Des lumières qui scintillent

Gala - Awards Ceremony



Two summits, one gala, one day! We celebrate leaders in corporate culture at Canada's Most Admired Summits and Gala™, a multifaceted event that brings together learning, networking and recognition.

Gagnants du prix Waterstone des Cultures d'entreprise les plus admirées

Canada’s Most Admired CEO Summit™ is a unique opportunity to network and share experiences with more than 100 CEOs from a wide variety of high-performing companies across Canada. The day includes highly relevant keynotes, question and answer sessions and in-depth panel discussions.

Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Summit™ is a learning event aimed at maximizing the competitive advantage of your corporate culture. It features lectures and workshops, interactive Q&A sessions and panels with leaders in talent management, marketing, human resources and culture. Several speakers are winners of the program.

Winners of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ and Canada's Most Admired CEOs™ are recognized at the annual Gala in May. It's an evening of celebration with over 650 of Canada's prominent executives and senior managers. No exhausting or everlasting dinner, the event features fun videos of the winning organizations, few speeches, games and prizes.

Office space at Metivier Groupe Conseil

Nominate your company today!

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