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1. Management coaching

Our recruitment firm also offers management coaching aims at accelerating the development of skills essential to the success of executives in your company. In building these skills, they will thus be able to interact optimally with their team, their colleagues and the entire organization.

This type of coaching is done within the framework of developing a candidate's potential or in a context where the objective is a change in behaviour or attitudes.

3. Onboarding

Onboarding coaching is intended for companies that aim to optimize the integration of the new hiree in their new functions.

Our coaching helps develop the right reflexes to gather new information and facilitate a better understanding of the environment and organizational context in order to gradually implement more effective strategies.

2. Career coaching

Career coaching is for anyone who is facing a professional situation that requires a new look at their career, who is reflecting on their professional future or who is considering a change of position.

This coaching is also intended for any company faced with organizational challenges in terms of retention, succession planning or reorganization.

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Our methodology at a glance

Download our comprehensive methodology to learn more about each step of our journey during coaching and development of our candidates.

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