Career transition

1. Our Expertise

Our years of experience in recruitment have exposed us to the reality and requirements of re-entry into the workforce and have motivated us to help candidates in career transition to value themselves in their job search action plan and approach.

At Metivier Consulting Group, we provide personalized, face-to-face coaching so that the person in transition benefits from the expertise and complementary perspectives of our career coaches as well as the input and contribution of our recruitment specialists.

2. What sets us apart?

- Accompaniment by a certified professional coach for in-depth reflection and identification of development paths
- Mentoring by a professional recruiter during the job search process
- Psychometric test according to the person in transition objectives
- Strategic support on the use of social media in the job search process
- Reinforcement during the onboarding phase of the new employment

3. Our programs

Our career transition programs have two objectives: To assist the company in the layoff process and to accompany the candidate during his or her transition. We offer employers the choice between three programs that combine the following services:

• The Essential (3 months)
• The Integral (4 months)
• The Absolute (5 months)

Will you be using career transition services in the near future?