The art of being desired

Executive recruitment: the art of making yourself desirable

In the world of executive search, the password to enter the nirvana of key positions is employability, which is defined as the potential of a candidate to be hired within a reasonable time frame and under reasonable conditions. Just like in love, the best jobs are always in demand and to get them, you must put your best self forward, charm and make yourself wanted!

Subtly make yourself known to executive recruiters

In their book “Le manager est un psy”, psychiatrists Eric Albert and Jean-Luc Emery, who are also business consultants, affirm that employability is above all the ability to make oneself desirable on the job market, whether within the company or externally. Here are 3 ways to achieve this:

1. Excelling in your current position:

By making yourself a value add in your current position, you build your reputation and make yourself highly desirable in the eyes of other companies that have similar positions to offer. Many reputable companies are looking (through executive search and headhunters) for candidates

Being visible on professional social networks (such as LinkedIn, Viadeo or Xing) can be extremely effective in creating a network of contacts. Potential employers and headhunters will know that you exist and will be able to get to know you better, which will greatly increase your access to key positions when you will be willing to make a career change.

3. Keep your knowledge current:

To be efficient and competitive, it is to your advantage to take continuing education or development courses in your field of activity. Whether it’s to perfect your management skills, improve your knowledge of technology or increase your level in a second language, continuing education greatly improves your employability profile.

4. Get involved socially:

Getting involved in various professional or social associations and organizations is to your advantage. Giving courses, conferences or getting involved in your community will increase your visibility and is a particularly good way to promote yourself to future employers.


Think carefully about job offers

When you receive a job proposals, take the time to think about it rationally. By being patient and selective, you will demonstrate that you know exactly what you are looking for in terms of professional challenges and that you recognize the value of your work, which is the best strategy to get you wanted by executive search professionals. Large and small companies alike have a vested interest in hiring leaders who are confident in their abilities.


If you think you’re ready for a new challenge, send in your resume.  If a position corresponding to your profile becomes available or is created, our executive recruitment team will contact you.

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