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Recruitment of Executives

Talent scarcity is real and creates an additional pressure on companies that are already concerned with keeping their dominant position in a market that is constantly changing.

Our firm has the expertise, intelligence, experience and the tools to carry out your executive and professional recruitment projects. We promote and master the art of a direct approach with top-performing candidates. Our credibility within our large network is key to our effectiveness.

Career Transition

Career transition is an essential service for any responsible company wishing to offer mentoring to the executives and professionals that it must dismiss.

Our innovative programs favour a personalized, face-to-face approach, which allows the transitioner to benefit from the expertise and complementary perspectives of our career coaching specialists and the input from our recruitment experts.

Coaching & Development

Our coaching approach takes into account your reality, the issues and challenges faced by both the coachee and the organization. It’s a rigorous and structured method that allows us to reconcile organizational expectations with the specific needs of the coachees.

We offer a customized solution in management coaching, career coaching and integration coaching, which favour the development and enhancement of a person’s potential and which allows them to achieve their professional goals more effectively.

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