A recognition initiative is born through this pandemic

As part of the HR Recognition Week, we took the initiative to thank people in the HR community who are, in normal circumstances, a little more behind the scenes than front and center. However, more than ever, human resources are at the heart of business continuity for Quebec companies. They are called upon to answer a wide range of questions to which there are often no good answers at the moment.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, entrepreneurs and company CEOs have been much solicited and receive a lot of love, but the teams that work with them are also of great importance to weather the storm. This period allows us to review processes and find new ways of working as a team where mutual aid and collaboration remain the keys to success. Social distancing brings its share of challenges for some companies, but the HR community has been able to come up with solutions and has shown imagination and creativity to propel virtual exchanges between teams and their managers.

This situation leads us to understand that interactions with others are more important. We remain at the service of companies to carry out our recruitment mandates while remaining attentive and understanding the issues that other companies may face.

Therefore, Metivier Consulting Group has decided to highlight 20 members of the Quebec HR community from different sectors every day for the next week. At the end of this week, we will draw 10 prizes at random among all the people who will have been mentioned.

We also invite people to tag the people who inspire them and help make their work more enjoyable.

With this week of recognition and despite the physical distance, we wish to remind you that we are united, and that all this love is genuine and shared with all members of the HR network who work passionately to improve business performance by putting people at the heart of business decisions.

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