Headhunters in Trois-Rivières

Chasseurs de tête Trois-Rivières

With almost 30 years our team of headhunters in Trois-Rivières organizes executive (C-Suite D-Suite) recruitment projects throughout Quebec and in the region. This city is dynamic and offers many assets to managers seeking to establish themselves in an urban center close to nature. Companies in this region are innovative and respect the principles of sustainable development.

At Métivier, our team of executive recruiters is empowered to understand the issues and challenges of talent acquisition specific to the Trois-Rivières region. Our headhunters are passionate and possess strategic expertise to optimize your search for leaders and managers who can contribute to the development, growth and sustainability of Trois-Rivières businesses.

We are rigorous and our methodology is proven; our success is the result of hard work, intelligence, courage and perseverance. Our customers do not ask us for less. Our headhunting team is based in Montreal and is constantly traveling throughout Quebec, hence the large extent of our network, thus facilitating our ability to identify talented managers who are potentially interested in a career in Trois-Rivières.

Other services offered in Trois-Rivières:

Career transition

Our career transition service offers businesses in Trois-Rivières the guarantee of an effective and personalized support to executives and professionals who must leave your organization. Our programs have been designed in partnership with our headhunting team to adapt the employability of resources from a recruitment expert’s point of view. This service is personalized to each person with whom our certified coaches collaborate.

Coaching and development

Management coaching and career coaching is personalized for each participant according to the skills and abilities to be developed; the goal of our certified coaches is to enhance the potential of your managers and enhance their contribution to corporate objectives. In conclusion, the various strategic services offered by our firm to companies in the Trois-Rivières region highlight the recruitment, development, and retention of executives and managers (C-Suite D-Suite). It is our concern and our passion every day.
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