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Executive recruitment in Ottawa

headhunters in ottawa

Our headhunters in Ottawa have over three decades of experience recruiting professional candidates for C-suite and D-suite positions. Our mission is to help and encourage business growth and sustainability by recruiting competent executives that meet your business needs. You can trust Metivier Consulting Group to find suitable candidates to fill your executive or management positions.

Furthermore, we believe that a favorable situation for both the candidate and your business is key to any successful recruitment. Our objective is thus to find candidates that match your prerequisites while offering the right company culture and opportunity for each candidate. 

We are acutely aware that every business has a different recruiting process. Our headhunters in Ottawa prioritize finding employees profiles that will help you reach your business objectives, and that’ll easily integrate into your corporate culture. Through our networks, our assessment tools, and our thoroughness, we identify the right talent for your needs.

We thrive on building solid and genuine partnerships and long-term professional relationships with Ottawa business owners. 

What are the Services Offered by Our Headhunters in Ottawa

While based in Montreal, Metivier Consulting Group’s headhunters travel to Ottawa and surroundingsWe also have a partnership with Waterstone Human Capital, which allows us to fulfill the hiring needs for our clients throughout Canada and the US.

If you need to hire executives and/or managers, our recruiting service can help. We understand the challenges of finding the right talents for your organizational context. 

Our expert headhunters in Ottawa always consider your business objectives first when looking at the potential talent pool. It’s on these objectives that they focus on in order to give you a personalized, top quality hiring process.

Besides our executive search, we also offer a wide variety of personalized corporate support services.

Our other services in Ottawa :

Career transition

We offer career transition to executives and middle management professionals Our certified coaches build and run our programs and ensure professionals have the best conditions possible for their career. Our headhunters in Ottawa enable you to optimize this transition and adapt the employability of your resources and assets through their networks.

Coaching and development

Our coaches also offer management, career, and onboarding coaching and development to help your executives develop essential skills for your company’s success.

Metivier Consulting Group: Your Headhunters in Ottawa

Strong of our 30 years of experience in staffing services, our headhunters in Ottawa encourage business growth and sustainability by finding qualified executives to fill your positions. 

Our recruitment firm’s hiring strategy is based on several key elements. First, we take the time to learn more about your business and corporate culture and your needs. Once our headhunters understand what you are looking for, we start our executive search in our pool of qualified, competent candidates simultaneously identifying key candidates in your relevant business sector.

After a solid assessment, when the interest of a candidate and a business aligns, our headhunters in Ottawa facilitate the meeting between the parties to avoid unnecessary delays.

At Metivier Consulting Group, we hold dear a set of values that we believe to be key for a successful organization: integrity, respect, transparency, tenacity, and trust.

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