Headhunters in Montreal

Chasseurs de tête Montréal

With almost 30 years of experience in recruitment, our team of headhunters in Montreal specializes in the placement of executives and professionals. Metivier Consulting Group has the skills and competencies needed to help companies achieve their goals. Our mission is to recruit the best possible candidates to meet the company’s specific needs, and thus promote its development. By doing business with our team for recruiting your executives and professionals, you can continue to focus on your core business.

The city of Montreal

Montreal is a market of 1,063,300 jobs (October 2018). The unemployment rate is low, professionals are increasingly specialized in their respective sectors of activity; the competition for the best candidate is naturally increased. For a company looking to fill a management position, the pool of potential candidates is sometimes limited, other times, fortunately, it is not the interesting candidates that are missing. However, we must still be able to find among the candidates the most qualified to meet your needs and best suited to your company’s DNA. This is not always easy. To navigate in these waters that can become tumultuous at times, it is recommended to work with an experienced watchman. This is where Metivier Consulting Group, your headhunters in Montreal, comes in.

Our services as headhunters in Montreal

We offer specialized support services to companies that choose us as partners:

Executive Recruitment

Our firm has the experience and the strategic vision necessary not only to facilitate your recruitment project, but to ensure that you obtain the ideal candidate for your company’s needs. We proceed with a direct method with successful candidates and it’s thanks to our credibility in an extended network that we can respond effectively to the specific needs of our customers.

Career transition

We also offer a career transition service to companies working with our headhunters in Montreal. This is an essential service provided to responsible companies wishing to offer a personalized support to managers and professionals from whom they must divest themselves. This personalized approach, carried out with the help of our career coaching specialists, allows each of the transitioned candidates to facilitate the reorientation of their professional life.

Coaching and development

Our coaching and development service was designed to foster the development of the candidates’ potential. We also respect the issues and realities of the companies.

We proceed according to a rigorous and structured approach in 6 steps, which allows us to help potential candidates to more effectively achieve their professional goals. This from accepting the mandate, through the implementation of a personalized coaching plan through extensive evaluation steps.

Coaching and development

Finally, our headhunters in Montreal invite you to discover our jobs for executives and professionals for which we are currently mandated for. Here is the list of our services offered for executives:

- Job opportunity search
- Career transition
- Coaching and development

When you do business with our headhunting team, you also have access to many offers that are only for executives and professionals. If you are looking for new challenges, submit your application to our headhunters, they can help you achieve your career goals. Our team is proud to say that they put their best efforts into promoting qualified candidates who have submitted their application to us.

If you would like to receive more information on the services offered by Metivier Consulting group and its headhunters in Montreal, do not hesitate to contact us today. An experienced member of our team will try to answer all your questions with great pleasure.

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