Headhunters in Laval

Chasseurs de tête Laval

With almost 30 years, our team of experienced headhunters in Laval has been supporting companies in the Laval region in executive recruitment (C-Suite D-Suite). Passionate, we did not improvise ourselves headhunters overnight; it is a fascinating job that requires a strong sense of communication, exceptional skill, professional credibility, an extensive network and mastery of each client company’s business model, its issues and objectives. Together, our team members have over 100 years of strategic experience with companies looking for talented managers.

The job market in Laval: data

Dynamic, the Laval market has more than 233,000 jobs in 2019; 75% are permanent positions and in a context where the unemployment rate is low, competition for the attraction of talented managers is important and increased in in certain industry sectors. Montreal represents an interesting talent pool interested in a career in the Laval region. Our headhunters are on the lookout for local market trends to deploy effective recruitment strategies.

Metivier: headhunters in Laval

The Laval region is home to a majority of companies that are entrepreneurial in nature and culture; the search for talented executives requires strategic recruitment that must be orchestrated by a headhunter who is passionate about entrepreneurs. Our track record of success with this clientele is highly esteemed and verifiable.

Career transition

It’s always unfortunate to have to let go of one of your resources. Our certified career transition experts offer a personalized service aimed at facilitating the reorientation in the professional life of the transitioned person. Our programs have been developed in partnership with our headhunting team to include the perspective of recruiting experts and the concrete actions to take when actively seeking employment.

Coaching and development

Do you want to develop your candidates’ potential? Our certified coaching experts offer personalized coaching to develop each participant’s individual skills and abilities, taking into account the specified objectives.
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