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Executive Search - Headhunters in Quebec City

Métivier Consulting Group has nearly 30 years of experience in executive recruitment. Our mission is to help your business grow and develop. Our headhunters in Quebec City help you find candidates who are a good fit for your organization’s real talent needs.

We help you find future managers or executives who are a perfect match for your company and offer these candidates a workplace that meets their skills. Indeed, creating a win-win situation for both parties is the key to a successful recruitment.

Our mission is to provide you with candidates who correspond to specific profiles and are capable of achieving your objectives and exceeding your expectations. As a result, our headhunters in Quebec City focus on long-term partnerships and professional relationships.

Our team of headhunters gets around

Based in Montreal, our team of headhunters travels across Quebec to complete the projects that have been assigned to them. This ensures that our network is extremely broad, making it easier for us to identify talented managers. Earning their trust  opens the door to professional and strategic collaborations.

Our recruitment firm provides three main support services:

  • Recruitment of executives
  • Career Transition 
  • Coaching and development

Headhunters specializing in executive search

We maintain an exclusive relationship with the companies that entrust us with their executive recruitment projects. Our top priority is to understand your company’s organizational context as well as your challenges. We listen to your corporate objectives to provide you with quality recruitment services.

Strategic recruitment

We gather all of the necessary information about your requirements before recommending suitable candidates to you. We then share this information with the qualified executives we've identified—under the condition, of course, that the search be kept confidential.

This approach enables us to generate genuine interest in the position and the company we represent. Our headhunters must ensure that clients and candidates do not waste their time meeting unless there is genuine interest on both sides..

Working with a headhunter from Métivier Consulting Group means choosing to work with a team that values integrity, transparency, and respect, as well as listening to you in order to offer you first-rate recruitment service.

Respect as the foundation for recruitment

All members of our recruitment firm adhere to and carry out the duties and obligations outlined in the code of conduct for executive search advisors developed by the Chartered Human Resources Professionals (CHRP). Our many years of executive recruitment experience have taught us the art of working with candidates who share our values.

Career transition: support is our strength

Being a headhunter at Métivier Consulting Group in Quebec also entails being able to reorient people in their professional lives and assist them with their career transition.

We also offer comprehensive coaching and development services to candidates in order to help them reach their full potential..

You are looking for a headhunter in Montreal or a headhunter in Ottawa? Métivier Consulting Group can assist you in your search in Canada.

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