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Management Coaching

Our management coaching aims to accelerate the development of those skills essential for executives’ success in your company. In building these skills, they will be able to interact optimally with their teams, their colleagues and the organization as a whole.

This type of coaching is done within the context of developing a candidate’s full potential where the objective is to adjust behaviours or attitudes.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is for anyone facing a professional situation that requires a career reassessment, who is reflecting on his/her professional future, or who is looking for a change.

This coaching is also for companies facing organizational issues related to employee retention, succession development or reorganization

Integration Coaching

Integration coaching is for companies looking to optimize the integration of someone into his/her new role.

Our coaching allows the development of a better understanding of the environment and organizational context, and to gradually implement more effective strategies.

Our Method in a Glance



• Rigorous analysis of the need, the context and the environment
• Individual meetings with the different suppliants and the coachee
• Evaluating the implication and commitment of the manager
• Evaluating the implication and the commitment of the coachee


• Common alignment of the objective
• Establishing targeted results
• Evaluating the investment required to achieve targeted results
• Defining the roles of concerned actors
• Establishing conditions for success


• Writing coaching plan (summary or detailed), according to coaching objective, describing :
 – Context
 – Suggested process
 – Main objective
 – Work plan
 – Tools and approach
 – Result indicators
 – Success conditions
• Presentation of the plan to the concerned actors
• Tripartite approval of the coaching plan


• Déploiement du plan de coaching établi
• Deployment of the established coaching plan
• Learning evaluation after each session
• Experimentation in the work environment
• Evaluating new work habits and develop strategies to maintain them
• Feedback from the coach
• Regular follow ups between the coachee and his/her immediate superior


• Preparation of mid-term summary by the coachee with the coach’s support
• Presentation of mid-term summary to all involved actors
• Generating recommendations
• Adjustment propositions if need be


• Analysis and evaluation of the process by the coachee with the coach’s support
• Presentation of the evaluation during the final meeting reuniting all the concerned actors
• Evaluation of the process by the immediate superior

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